Secret 7” x War Child

7x7 inch record sleeve design for the song Swan Upon Leda by Hozier. The sleeve was selected for display in NOW Gallery, and bid on to raise money for children affected by conflict.

My interpretation of the lyrics led to a focus on the themes ‘territory’, ‘purity’ and ‘conflict’.

The Hidden Side of Violence

Illustration for an article in the Wellcome Collection Stories, made during my mentorship with the AOI.

Slit-screen Study

Studies of the photographic technique ‘slit-screen’, as seen in the music video for Unintended by Muse.


Animated series of monotypes on paper (2022)

A personal project attempting to visualize the act of introspection and overthinking.

“We Need to Get Creative When It Comes to Talking About Pain”

Hand-bound book, zine, and series of monotypes on paper (2021)

A project responding to the language often used to describe pain, creating an alternative visual language.

Prints from this series featured in SICK Magazine Issue 4